"I just wanted to give a big THANKS to David McCook for being very instrumental in improving not only our safety but our production as well. Dave has designed most all the T-Slot extrusion that is in our facility by coming in and listening to our needs and then drawing up scale models on his laptop so we get a clear picture of what we’re getting. Whatever we order comes in pre-assembled which makes installation a breeze. He has even helped us replace old equipment with new and better pneumatic cylinders which need no maintenance at all. Dave is a great person to have on your side in the manufacturing business with his products and expertise on how best to implement them."

Rickey Harris
Graphic Packaging International

1Local T-Slot Inventory

From our warehouse in Stone Mountain
we offer next day delivery on cut extrusion and/or hardware
anywhere in the State of Georgia via UPS Ground

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2Engineering & Design

We can convert your T-Slot extrusion design idea or sketch into an engineered solution or we can work with you to create a solution.

3Complete machining services

We will cut to length, miter, mill, drill, tap and label all the T-Slot components in your kit.

T-Slot Extrusion Assembly

4Assembly & Testing

In a hurry? Let us assemble your aluminum extrusion project for you. Your order will arrive on your dock, assembled, tested, and ready for immediate use.

5T-Slot Kitting & packaging

If you prefer to do the assembly yourself, we provide labels and assembly diagrams to make the process easy.



If you are new to T-slot aluminum extrusion and would like a hands-on demonstration of its benefits and applications, we would be happy to visit your facility or have you visit ours. Call us to schedule an appointment at 770-879-3500 or you can e-mail us.


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