John Deere

Bill Tasch, an electrical engineer with John Deere in Grovetown, Georgia, had some assembly work stations that were cluttered with cables and other work pieces.  The work space was not as efficiently designed as it could be, but Bill had some ideas.  He sketched them on a piece of paper, which was submitted to TSI Solutions Application Engineers.  They produced a drawing, to which Bill made changes, and the final product was assembled by TSI Solutions’ Value Add group and delivered to Bill in Grovetown.  Following is a picture and Bill’s comments upon delivery:


“The electrical testing rack looks great.  Really super nice.  We need another rack for the cab test as well.  Thanks for all your hard work on this project!”

Bill Tasch, Electrical Engineer

GAF Materials

“TSI Solutions went out of their way to get our guarding to us.  We were pleased with the ease at which everything went together.  We added two new stages and went back to TSI Solutions to provide the TSLOT guarding.  The whole process was a win for GAF Materials.  While our lead times were tight, TSI came through for us.”

Tim Manasterski, GAF Plant Engineer



Megadyne Belt Corporation

“My experience with TSI Solutions was fantastic. The end result was better than I expected. You gave us a profile that didn’t have grooves in it so the outcome looks very professional. Our other vendor provided the grooves and it tends to trap dirt and debris. Next, you tapped the top holes for the table to be mounted on which is work I don’t have to do. Lastly, you even included the hardware to mount the two steel tables with so I don’t have to track that down. Overall, Matt Martin of TSI Solutions and the assembly team did an awesome job.”

Todd Leonard
Megadyne Belt Corporation

Dynatest – North America

“Your selling price for the entire unit assembled was cheaper than what Dynatest could buy it for from McMaster online in raw material sticks, cut it ourselves and assemble it in-house”.

Ritchie Skelly, production manager

Dynatest North America:

The long rig (in blue) is pulled by a Tractor Trailer.  The Tractor Trailer has 6 of these Tslot frames (3 per side).  At the bottom of the Tslot frame, a heater is mounted to heat up the area where the testing takes place.  The testing drops weights onto the road surface and the readings are captured in the instrumentation.  The dropped weights create shock waves into the pavement / roadway and the instrumentation records the shock waves much like the recordings of an earthquake.  The heaters are used to keep the road conditions at ambient temperature during colder seasons.  The recordings can predict foundation imperfections, longevity projections such as runways at airports, and overall road surface details.


Heaters used to melt away snow and bring the road to ambient temperatures for testing.

This arm pivots upwards for transporting the testing equipment to new locations.

Heater inlet